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Available for clients under maintenance or using a subscription product, off-site support covers email and phone IT support. Using our offices around the world, RIB is able to provide IT support coverage for 24 hours out of every business day. Dialling into any of the phone numbers listed on the right will give you access to all international offices at no additional cost. Our international support team is made up of both IT and construction/quantity surveying professionals, allowing us to provide the highest level of support possible.

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(Available for commercial clients under maintenance)

(Available for iTWO costX commercial clients under maintenance)

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(Available for iTWO costX student licence holders)

Please Note the phone numbers are reserved for commercial clients or lecturers only.

Australia +61 (0) 7 3300 6222 1300 006 222 (toll free)

China +86 400 120 9386

Hong Kong +852 5804 4622

Ireland +353 (0) 1 903 8652

Malaysia +60 3 4065 7060

New Zealand +64 (0) 9 309 2026 0800 90 2026 (toll free)

Philippines +63 2555 5224

Singapore +65 3159 0466

United Arab Emirates +971 4 550 9358

United Kingdom +44 (0) 203 597 7566

United States +1 (512) 768 8111

iTWO costX Techweb Support

RIB’s Annual Maintenance program allows the user to receive all software updates and all off-site support. RIB has an extensive ongoing commitment to R&D and regularly releases new major and minor versions of the iTWO costX® products. As part of the maintenance program these releases are issued to you automatically with no further costs.