RICS MY BIM Conference 2017

RICS MY BIM Conference

Exactal is excited to be sponsoring the RICS MY BIM Conference, to be held in Kuala Lumpur on the 27th of July 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel.

It is no secret that BIM and its highly-documented benefits have established it as an increasingly important element in the construction industry, however, the adoption of BIM in Asia significantly lags behind their western counterparts. The Malaysia RICS BIM Conference aims to utilize the reputation of RICS, and its globally accepted standards, in harvesting a BIM enabled work flow in Asia. The conference will address major challenges facing early adopters in Asia’s emerging economies, and render best practices to facilitate a BIM centric work process. Topical themes will include the role of RICS in standardising BIM practises across the globe, best approaches in assembling data from multiple sources within a collaborative working environment, and approaches in establishing an in-house BIM team for your organization.

The Conference has also invited a panel of industry leaders to discuss and share case studies of major BIM projects undertaken in the USA, the practicalities of a shared data environment, takeaways from BIM enabled projects and how Malaysian firms are currently deploying BIM on a series of mega projects.

As Exactal is closely associated with RICS, as well as a key influencer in the Malaysian construction industry, we found this to be a fitting event to sponsor. If you are in Malaysia, then lag no further behind by registering at the button below!

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